About the fitness unit

James kettlebellsThe mission of the Progressive Fitness Unit is to set a new standard for the modern day gym. We want to create an environment that is all about clients achieving results – not just about getting numbers through the door.

Here’s a message from our Head Coach and Founder – James Parker to explain a little bit more.

Welcome to The Unit! I’m looking forward to showing you around our gym in Tilehurst Reading but in the meantime let me explain a little about our philosophy and how we got started.

Ten years ago I began working as a personal trainer in Reading and I also set up some very popular outdoors Fitness Boot Camps. I can honestly say that I’ve loved every minute but what makes me really proud is watching our amazing fitness community grow. My dream has always been to build a gym that gives everyone in our community the opportunity to be the best they can and to get the gym that they deserve.

Unlike many of the large numbers-orientated commercial gyms out there, I want to build a gym that puts its members at the centre of everything it does. I want our members to treat The Unit as a home from home and I want people to be excited about training with us. I want to provide quality, innovative coaching that keeps our members coming back week in, week out. I want every single member to feel welcome no matter what their fitness level, experience or aspirations.

Over the last ten years I have spoken to hundreds of people about their fitness goals and aspirations. What I hear is this; that they want to look and feel good, they want to feel fitter, they want to be stronger and have more muscle tone, and many want to be able to move better with less pain. Broadly speaking I could categorise these in to four key areas of fitness and I have built a weekly programme specifically around these areas. The programme is fully integrated and throughout the week you will see innovative, exciting classes to target each of the four core areas.

CONDITIONING TRAINING – helps you to be leaner and healthier
STRENGTH TRAINING – helps you to get stronger and to build more muscle  
FLEXIBILITY TRAINING – helps you to move better and more freely  
CARDIO TRAINING – helps you to get fitter, run faster, breathe easier!  

Whether through One to One training or by attending our group fitness sessions, we aim to provide you with a training programme, that alongside a healthy eating plan, will lead to a fitter, stronger, healthier and HAPPIER you.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Unit soon.”

James Parker.punch bag

Live to Train, Train to Live