Group Fitness

We know that some people struggle to get the best out of their training;  whether this is because of a lack of motivation or a lack of knowledge. By joining The Unit you will have all the support you need.  You won’t just drop in for one class a week and be left alone until the next one.  We WANT to see you every day, to help you every day and to watch you improve! We want to educate, inspire and motivate everyone who walks through our doors to be their healthiest, leanest, happiest and fittest.

We are a high intensity group fitness centre with a focus on functional training, boxing training and Hybrid resistance training. Over the past ten years we have learnt a huge amount from our very successful fitness Boot Camps. So classes will have our Boot Camp style energy with a variety of equipment and training thrown in! The mix of resistance/strength training along with intense agility and cardio training will ensure the most efficient results for our clients. We do not believe in fads or a one system fixes all approach, hence the variety you will get from us. Our sessions will have a creative, imaginative and focused approach. Everyone has a different starting point and different goals, but the one thing everyone wants is to improve. If you are given the right direction, instruction and training then this is almost guaranteed. Our group fitness programme has been carefully structured to offer the optimum balance of training to achieve your fitness goals.


How do we progress you? During your initial consultation we will help set your training goals. We will give you instruction on how to keep nutrition and training logs and review these with you on a regular basis.  There will be on-going support available from our trainers after classes and during “open gym”.  Plus there will be workshops and talks on all things health and fitness in our mezzanine studio.  Different types of fitness testing will take place on a regular basis and you can choose which ones suit you and your goals.


How are we different from other gyms?  We actually want you training at our gym – we’re not just interested in membership numbers and high turnover; we want you to show up and train. We always train with a purpose and with a dedicated goal in mind- we are results focused.  We are always looking to help you improve session upon session.  Not only do we want to inspire you, but for you to inspire others so they can follow your new found passion.  We are different because we will know you, we will know your name, we will know what motivates you, we will know where you want to be and most importantly we will know how to get you there.

Come down to our gym in Reading and take a look around The Unit. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Look below at our current classes we offer for our group training!


Unit Conditioning

Our flagship class. This class is the core of your training and what we do best! Conditioning goes hand in hand with strength work, only RAMPED up a gear. We will use very similar exercises and equipment but with a higher intensity and work periods. The weights will be lighter with body weight exercises thrown in to the mix too. Conditioning will increase your fitness levels, stamina, muscle endurance, improve lactate thresholds and be a key component in getting lean and melting fat! Expect to use body weight and all the various equipment we have! These session will be delivered in various ways, one day could be a circuit, the next working in pairs or like our Friday sessions in teams. One thing for sure is it will never be the same or boring!




Unit Flex – Yoga“

Our hugely experienced coach Yulia takes our Yoga classes teaching the Ashtanga method and making it suitable for beginners upwards. A must for your fitness programming to promote a strong core, good flexibility and increasing range of motion through joints as well as working on any muscle imbalances.”




Unit Strength and Conditioning

Strength is for everyone. You need strength to work, to perform, to be lean and to be healthy. This class will focus on compound (multi-joint) movements and you will move your body in the way it is designed to. The aim is for you to build a foundation and then use heavier weights and movements like pull-ups to really challenge yourself, building a strong lean body in the process. Will also add a conditioning element to these sessions to build on your anaerobic and muscle endurance fitness…Plus reap the fat burning rewards this type of session can give. A typical class will involve a structured and specific warm up followed by mobility drills. Then expect to squat, deadlift, pull yourself up, press with weights, walk with weights and much more. The equipment you can expect to use would be pull up bars, gym rings, bar bells, kettlebells, dumbbells, tyres and anything else heavy enough! The class is for everyone who is a member and who has shown competence in the lifts (to be reviewed at induction.)

Unit Boxing

This is one of most popular classes! Don’t think that we’ll be putting you in the ring to do 10 rounds with David Haye! Boxing for fitness has become one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and with some tuition it is suitable for all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. When we’re not throwing punches, we will be ducking and weaving, or doing some body weight exercises such as squats and burpees. We will use punch bags and partner up to do pad work.







High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is a short workout with huge benefits. HIIT workouts target the whole body for short but extremely intense periods of work and with only short periods of rest. The benefits of this type of training are plentiful and the number one being massive fat burning potential! Long after the workout has finished your metabolism will raised and therefore be a fat burning furnace. Other benefits include improved VO2 max and improved mental edge by pushing yourself to the limit. At a typical class you can expect to use our cardio equipment such as rowers and air assault bikes, do body weight drills, use the sledges and prowlers. You will sprint, jump, push and pull at high intensity!



Unit Strength Academy

This session will focus on Strength and power through Weight Training rather than high intensity conditioning. Technique and form is the priority, and you’ll be guided through correct execution of all the most effective lifts for strength and power, including but not limited to; Deadlifts, squats, overhead pressing, Bench Press, Olympic clean and Jerk. The class suits all levels and strengths, and over the weeks you’ll progress through a structured program designed to suit each person individually.







Unit Ninja training

Expect to be using your body weight to balance, swing, jump and roll into positions. This class is a great for building strength using body weight and basic gymnastic moves. At The Unit we have lots of members who love obstacle course racing so this a great addition to your programme as we love the monkey bars and using ropes. Putting this in as part of your programme could help you develop in other areas of your training such as strength and conditioning, it is also great fun too!


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