Class Descriptions

Unit Strength

Strength is for everyone.  You need strength to work, to perform, to be lean and to be healthy.  This class will focus on compound (multi-joint) movements and you will move your body in the way it is designed to.
The aim is for you to build a foundation and then use heavier weights and movemenkettlebellts like pull-ups to really challenge yourself, building a strong lean body in the process.

A typical class will involve a structured and specific warm up followed by mobility drills.  Then expect to squat, deadlift, pull yourself up, press with weights, walk with weights and much more.  The equipment you can expect to use would be pull up bars, gym rings, bar bells, kettlebells, dumbbells, tyres and any thing else heavy enough!

The class is for everyone who is a member and who has shown competence in the lifts (to be reviewed at induction.)

Unit Conditioning: our flagship class

This class is the core of your training and what we do best!  Conditioning goes hand in hand with strength work, only RAMPED up a gear.  We will use very similar exercises and equipment but with a higher intensity and work periods.  The weights will be lighter with body weight exercises thrown in to the mix too.

tyreConditioning will increase your fitness levels, stamina, muscle endurance, improve lactate thresholds and be a key component in getting lean and melting fat! Expect to use body weight and all the various equipment we have!



Unit Boxing

Don’t think that we’ll be putting you in the ring to do 10 rounds with David Haye! Boxing for fitness has become one of the most popular fitness regimes ouboxing justint there and with some tuition it is suitable for all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. When we’re not throwing punches, we will be ducking and weaving, or doing some body weight exercises such as squats and burpees. We will use punch bags and partner up to do pad work.


High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is a short workout with huge benefits.  HIIT workouts target the whole body for short but extremely intense periods of work and with only short periods of rest.  The benefits of this type of training are plentiful and the number one being massive fat burning potential!  Long after the workout has finished your metabolism will raised and therefore be a fat burning furnace. Other benefits include improved VO2 max and improved mental edge by pushing yourself to the limit.

At a typical class you can expect to use our cardio equipment such as rowers and air assault bikes, do body weight drills, use the sledges and prowlers.  You will sprint, jump, push and pull at high intensity!

 Unit Core

This training program focuses on functional fitness targeting core strength and enhances your performance by improving precision, control, strength, power, and agility. There are various levels of difficulty using balancing equipment such as a swiss ball or bosu; or using resistance and weights. This allows you to optimize your athletic performance and transform regular training regimens into high intensity, results-driven workouts. New agility and increased strength could be transferred to on and off field performance.

Kickboxing Fitness

Led by our resident martial arts expert, this Kickboxing class provides a well rounded, full body, intense workout. The session can be adapted to suit absolute beginners through to those who already have some kickboxing skill and want to hone their pin point skills. We will work on improving punching and kicking technique in order to really drive power and maximise the workout. The kicking is sure to fire up the core through powerful rotational movement. Mixed in to this workout will also be bag work, pad work and body weight exercises.

Unit Flex

We offer a classic Pilates exercise program as group classes or private sessions which help to address muscle imbalance, to rehabilitate after injury and to learn about your alignment as well as gaining kinetic awareness. Pilates is a set of specific exercises on the mat, targeting the whole body and is highly transferable to other forms of exercise.

We also run Ashtanga yoga classes suitable for beginners upwards with our hugely experienced teacher Yulia.

All classes are held at our gym in Reading, either in the main gym space or upstairs in our mezzanine studio.