Personal Training

We offer Personal Training memberships for those who want a really hands-on approach to their training. Your training will never get boring as our workouts will be varied and challenging.  We always design your workouts according to your overall goals, and use different training methods to keep you stimulated.  One day you may use kettlebells, the next a suspended body weight trainer or we may simply go for a run! Our equipment includes: dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, TRX suspension training, battle ropes, climbing ropes, medicine balls, tractor tyres, agility ladders and beams, pull up bars, dip bars and more. You may even work out with a different trainer on occasion if we feel that it may benefit your fitness goals.

Who is Personal Training For? Our clients are those who want more out of their training than they are getting now.  The people who may have lost focus or need to break through plateaux.  The people who have done the same routines for years and gotten the same results FOR YEARS!

Our clients are the men and women who finish work and need to de-stress and release some energy.  The ones who want to forget about the stresses of work or home life and have total focus and commitment to something for them. Our clients are the parents that want to come and train and not be disturbed.  But they also want to be an example to their children to lead healthy and fuller lifestyles.

Our clients are those people who want more energy, want to feel younger, look their absolute best and to see how far they can push themselves with training. Our clients are those people that train because they love it; they have passion and want to be better.  Marathon runners, tri-athletes or the general fitness enthusiast who knows the benefits of adding in sessions like ours to become better athletes.

Our clients are those that want to commit to change! Come and see our gym in Reading to find out more.