The Unit – Opening Day Confirmed!

Hi All,

I’m excited to announce that our Opening Day will be on Saturday 26th September 2015. Work is busily carrying on at the site and the guys at Kingsmen are doing an amazing job. We now have showers and toilets, the walls are all painted and the metal work has all been touched up. It really is looking great.

We will send out an official invite to the launch event so if you’re not on our mailing list drop us an email to and follow our Facebook page too!




Have we found our site?

Today I visited an industrial unit in Reading which I very much hope could become the venue for our new gym- the Progressive Fitness Unit. As you can see, it really is “industrial” and will need a lot of tidying up. It has a great floor space though and a mezzanine level which could double as a studio so I really feel like it could become our new home. Off to fill out some paperwork and speak to the Council about applying for a Change of Use. Fingers crossed!!

James Parker

October 2014 unit