Finishing Touches

As we get nearer to our Opening Day event on 26th September, we are enjoying putting all the finishing touches in place at the gym. This week a friend of ours, Tom Baker, visited The Unit to spray us an amazing mural. He took our vague concept and created this fantastic design for us.

Watching him turn it in to the work of art that it is, was a special experience. It really has personalised our venue and hopefully some of the words will inspire our clients to keep going when training gets tough. The picture incorporates two of the exercises that we hope people will be able to achieve with us – pull ups and good boxing form!

You really need to see it up close to see all the detail that has gone in to it – come and have a visit to check it out. You can register for the Opening Event here  Register Here

If you want to see more of Tom’s work, check out The Heart & Bone Store on Facebook. theheartandbonestore

Tom Mural